Plagiarism Information

These web pages are designed to support faculty in creating a culture of academic integrity in their classrooms. Specifically, they address plagiarism prevention, detection, and reporting. These pages also emphasize the importance of teaching students proper and citation and documentation practices. This resource has been divided into five main areas:

  1. What is Plagiarism? -- definitions and interactive tutorials on Plagiarism.
  2. Prevention -- measures faculty can take to help prevent Plagiarism within undergraduates' written work.
  3. Detection -- ways to detect Plagiarism.
  4. How to Handle a Plagiarism Situation -- information on University of Connecticut guidelines including proper notification to an implicated student.
  5. Citation Help -- information is provided for citing online resources using MLA, APA and Chicago style.

For the references utilized and suggested herein, see website citations page. Citations page.

If you have a question about Internet Plagiarism as it relates to the University of Connecticut Student Conduct Code, please contact Dr.Stuart Brown, Director of Student Services at 203-236-9847 or via e-mail at